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Your lease matters, to you and to a potential buyer

If your business success is dependent on your location - which is almost always true for a retail business such as a clothing store, gift shop, restaurant, or any business that depends on customers finding you and coming to your location; your lease is critical.  Here are some tips to help reduce your risk [...]

Is the Asking Price reasonable?

Depends who you ask!  If you ask the seller, you might hear that the asking price is too low.  But ask the buyer and you will likely hear that the asking price is too high.  How can both be right? Most sellers have a rough idea of what they want for their business, perhaps, [...]

Bridging the Price Gap

Negotiations to make the deal are down to the wire, the price difference has narrowed, but buyer and seller are not yet in agreement. Here are some ideas that might bridge the price gap and keep the deal on track to closing: If there is real estate involved, let the seller retain it and [...]

A “Buyer’s Test” for Business Buyers (and Sellers too)

Trying to determine a price you are willing to pay for a small business is much more an art than a science – there is no sure-fire formula or foolproof rule-of-thumb.  There is one thing, however, that every buyer should consider – we call it the “Buyer’s Test”. The Buyer’s Test is simply the [...]