As I write this post, we are in the midst of a week of extreme gyrations in the world-wide stock markets.  The uncertainty and lack of control surrounding investing in stocks and bonds may make buying a small business an attractive alternative for some of your investment dollars.

The United States, and possibly the world, appears to be facing the possibility of recession.  For consumers, bills are increasing but pay is stagnant or declining.  For investors, returns in stocks have been very modest for the last ten years and volatility is at gut-wrenching levels.

It is true that small business ownership can be risky, but so can being an investor or employee.  Markets can crash rapidly and there is really little the small investor can do.  Downsizing, mergers, management changes, and outsourcing have rendered all jobs risky – from the janitor to the CEO.

Perhaps it’s time to consider investing in yourself by buying a small business